Meet Chris & Sandy

Reiki Masters holding gentle love and healing for you.

Chris and Sandy possess a grounding energy that creates space, freedom and safety for all their clients. They are both powerful healers called to bring reiki to those in need. Together their healing is heightened and enhanced. Daily distant reiki from them is a magical gift that can be life changing.

Chris and Sandy are both Reiki Masters and between them are certified in Usui Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master), as well as Karuna, Lightarian, Metatronia, and Medical Reiki. They have been studying, practicing, and teaching reiki since 2011. They both currently reside and thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chris is a strong healer and mother. She is a loyal and grounding force taking a stand for lightness, fun and laughter in life. She is a passionate believer in the healing power or reiki.  Chris is the supermom to two amazing kids and thrives just like you in the chaos of daily life. Chris discovered reiki during a dark time in her life. After her second child was born, she suffered from extreme post-partum depression. Reiki helped her to ground, heal and get back into her body. Now healed she uses reiki on her children who receive it willingly to reduce anxiety and create connection. Her gentle and insistent calling forth will draw you to the life you desire. She loves working with crystals, traveling, and studying shamanism.

Sandy is a humble and powerful healer. Her career as a nurse connects her deeply to her purpose to help alleviate human suffering. She believes in the power of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness to heal. While living in Florida she received divine guidance to seek out energy healing to compliment her traditional training. At the time there were not many options available to her which is why she is passionate about offering reiki so that all areas of the planet are included in the golden ray. Soon after the guidance doors opened leading her to California where she fell in love with Reiki. Her lightness will uplift you and bring you immediate joy and calm. She loves live music, traveling, adventure, and her reiki and shamanic practice.

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